Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Hat Brief

Most technology classes this term have been given a brief where they need to design and make a hat that is suitable for a 7-11 year old, sun-safe as well as keeping warm in colder conditions and be fashionable. Year 2 children are focussing on a hat that will be sun-safe and look good. We discussed how all designers do some research (finding out), before beginning their own designs. Research gives us ideas and informs us on what may work well or what materials work etc. Our research involved looking at a range of hats and discussing their purpose, what it was made from and why. Some classes have also used the computers to research specific types of hats that they wanted to find out about. Once the research has been done the design process can begin and children are drawing their own hat design, thinking about what materials they will use and how they will go about it. The making process will involve a lot of trial and error, problem solving, learning from each other and reflection throughout.

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  1. Talofa Tech Team
    I am loving watching the development over time with all the groups. How exciting that you get to create a HAT and the research that has gone in to is huge! Well done and just think of all those hat we will get to show off when it done...FAB and I cant wait.