Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Technology By Ana

Technology isn't all about electricity and electric power. Technology is something that has a purpose. For example… Sunscreen. Its purpose is to keep our skin protected from the sun. At school we have boring dark blue hats with words Grey Lynn primary school, at the front. Our two technology teachers (Sandie and Kerry) Were thinking over the holidays What to do for technology. Eventually they came across to hats and realised how lots of kids complain on how boring our hats are, then decided that it would be a cool idea to make our own hats, and so we are. Every team is taking part in it. Including Puriri, Kowhai and Totara. Our design brief was to design a hat that would be good for a 7-11 year old child. It had to be cool in summer, warm in winter and most importantly sun safe.We started with researching different hats. Looking at their purpose and what they were made of.We chose which hats to research and decided what we were interested in. Then we began our design.It could be made up, be exactly like one hat or taken from different parts and different types of hats then made into one. Most Kids have been starting to make their hat and more importantly started to let their imagination run wild during school! Technology has been so much fun so far, and I can't wait to see what everyone’s finished products look like! Ana Year 6

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